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Pop up Hunting blinds


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38 minutes ago, biggamefish said:

What is a typical lifetime for a popup hunting blind? For 150-200 dollars it seems like you would get more than 2-3 years out of them.  What do you guys typically get out of a blind?

Mine get pulled at the end of the season. I'll get 5+ yrs out of them if I don't get heavy snow during the season.  I cut a 2x4 and prop it up inside to the top hub. 

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The one I paid $ 39 for at Aldis lasted about 6 seasons.  The wind took it last year.  One of the upper poles got snapped by the snow load the second year. I made a new one from an old tent pole and got 3 more seasons out of it.  

I’ll probably look for a new one, at an after season sale, this year.  They are handy in some spots.  I missed having it this year.  

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