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Case Trimmer


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For the reloaders out there.. just thought I’d show my latest fabrication.. 

I made my own replica of the WFT case trimmer. For those that don’t know, It’s a housing that has a tight slip fit for an end mill in one end, and the bigger end has a press fit bearing. The ID of the bearing accepts bushings with the proper neck and shoulder dimension machined into it per caliber. For quick speedy adjustable trimming of cases. Pilot bushings have an o ring and a few .001” of slip fit. The windmill has a set screw so you can adjust the amount of trim. 

I just thought I would share. If I can make it myself, I will. Lol 



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Thanks, I absolutely love being a Tool and Die maker. and having access to all these machines. I might have to do a career change due to my special needs son, If so, i think im going to buy a machine or two and start my own business from home.. focusing on the outdoor world of hunting gear and equipment 

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