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209 Primer Differences


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My hunting partner decided to convert back to BH209 after finding the appropriate breech plug for it. Since he also shoots a Wolf we were going to have him start out with my combo of powder and use the Carnivore and sabot from Traditions. I have had really good luck with them in terms of accuracy and giving terminal performance, with the only drawback being mediocre blood trails. That’s something most mz bullets suffer from short of stuff like the Barnes.

At the range, he ran a few shots at 50 yards and was getting inconsistent grouping. A shot one inch to the right, and then two shots low and right after swabbing.  All three probably totaled 3-3.5” group. Not good.

I was kind of stumped. I laid everything out for him. Then I went over it with him one by one. He wasn’t using the CCI209M primers I gave him. Instead he was using the Federal MZ primers. 

I grabbed the gun and ran two shots through it with the right primers. First shot clean, second was an immediate reload no swabbing. Both shots were just an expansion of the same hole, 1.5” high over the bullseye. Slight adjustment down and it was on the money for the third at 100 with a clean barrel.

He was stumped but I expect the difference was in getting a full and consistent powder burn with the 209M primers which are recommended for BH. At 50 yards the difference was very apparent. I can only imagine what it would do at 100. So, pay attention to your primers when using BH209 or similar situations.

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