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Young Doe Sick or Injured?


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Haven't seen anything like it. A bit odd. Acting normal and seems to be in good physical condition for winter. Showed upon mine and neighbors radar about a week ago. At first I thought it was frost and icing on her coat like some others when temps were lower and with some weather. Multiple sightings later and it hasn't changed in these now mild temps and rain. Considered mange but there's still a coat where it looks thin. Maybe recovering from it? Thoughts? I've given her a pass well within range several times now hoping she'll be fine.




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3 minutes ago, grampy said:

It appears that she is still trying to shed her red summer coat. And that the grey winter coat is up top??? She looks to be in good shape otherwise. I don't think it's mange??

That’s how I’m leaning. She never blew out the summer coat for some reason except in a few areas. 

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whenever i've seen mange it's looks bare to practically skin. she's definitely got a thicker matted coat of hair where you'd question if there's any. i'm just wondering if it's the start of something or what. idk how i feel about eating a deer with mites or something. don't want to let it suffer either this winter. nature could give a damn but we're different. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

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