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Merry Christmas To Me.


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I am extremely Frugal- but sometimes you need to spend on yourself for once.

 I was Davis Sportingoods  this morning and picked up a container of Bear Spray and Holster . I Hike in North Jersey alot and expect to see Black  Bears. 

   I also wanted to go extra early and find the often hard to get TSS Ammo. 2 Boxes of 12 gauge.

   Also picked up a new Choke Tube designed for TSS to fit my Mossberg  835 12 Gauge.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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3 hours ago, Bucksnbows said:

Only above a certain size but 100% unenforced. At least by Park Rangers or COs here in NJ. 

The Can is 9.2ozs.

    I usually carry with me a can of Deep Woods Off at 25% DEET.  I Crossed paths with a Huge Black Bear a good 15 years ago on the Allis Trail off of Rt. 17a close to Greenwood  Lake.  It was Summer and he was sunning himself on a Big Flat Rock that was part of the Trail.

  We made Eye Contact and,I backed off slowly and Sprayed my whole Neck all around with the Deep Woods Off. And Sprayed the Air.  He stayed right there. I remember  a Huge Head and Tiny Ears. I was Stinking!

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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