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So what did Santa leave under your tree?


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Nothing. Tree is empty. And we are down in Raleigh at my daughters and she didn’t put up a tree due to space and the cats🤣. My wife & I haven’t bought presents for each other in probably 15 yrs. No Bday, anniversary. My wife’s feelings are why buy for each other just to buy something. If we want something during course of the year  we buy it. Would rather spend it on the kids. They make out like bandits🤣🤣. I think I have a Bass pro gift card coming from the kids but they are still in bed so I probably won’t find out til about noon!!

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1 hour ago, grampy said:

I got the love of family and life long friends. I'm very blessed.

Also got a very nice watch. A whitetail calendar for my work office. A small, soft camo backpack. And some gift cards to Bass Pro for the new store opening  in Clifton Park.

Looking forward to bass pro opening this summer. 

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I did pretty good on Jesus’s and my birthday.  Daughter’s boyfriend got me a signed T-shirt from my favorite NCAA basketball star, my wife got me plenty of socks and underwear, some WW 2 and Civil War books, a nice binocular harness, and a fine deer rack from one of our older friends.  

It’s about as perfectly symmetric of an 8-pointer as I have ever seen.  I’ll have to see if I can fix up the broken brow tine as a late winter project.  


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We got Covid for Christmas. The little one and her circle of friends seemed to get it over the past 24-36 hours. They all had sleep overs Fri-Sat. Now four families get the joy, lol. One text of a positive Covid test at 730PM last night led to all four families having a positive test in their household. The kiddo seems a little flush with congestion and the “blahs” as we call it. She’s soldiered through so far and had a good Christmas all things considered. We think it’s probably the final one where she believes in the magic, so we really did it up for her this year.

Gift wise, I got a smaller cooler for summer days working on plots. Also got one of those smart cams you can use at the range to plot hits for sight ins and groups. It’ll be really helpful. Plus some muzzleloading cleaning supplies and charge tubes, and a Bog Havoc tripod for when I don’t want to tote the Deathgrip.


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