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What's on the menu for NYE...


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Having a bunch over for a early afternoon dinner.  I've got a 21lb 7 bone prime rib going on the pit.  I'm going remove the rib bone, and tie it back up for the cook.  Makes it so much easier to slice afterwards.  And I didn't pay that much.  This spring ShopRite had a sale of $5.99 a lb, and a $1.00 of per lb coupon.  Sucks they closed up. 


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8 minutes ago, boo711 said:

Hopefully nothing is on the schedule or the menu. Would be happy to be in bed no later than 10 PM

If anyone is still at my place after 9pm, I'm telling them to leave. Lol.

Wife and I haven't stayed up till midnight in yrs. 

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We’ve gotten together with a small group of friends for the last 20 some years, taking turns hosting.  The host provides the drinks and everyone brings  a dish to pass. Last year, someone  suggested that we all go to a nearby tavern, that was recently under new management.

The food was nothing special (chicken wings, fries, burgers, etc) and the drinks were expensive.  It cost my wife and I around $200.  That was enough of that for me.  After another year of Democratflation, costs are likely doubled again this year.  I’ll be drinking 50 cent a can Genny light at home.  

We are going to the ball drop in the nearby village of Akron.  I’ve been hearing about that and wanting to go for many years.  Not sure what my wife is  making for dinner before (hopefully something with deer meat).  My brother and his wife asked us to stop over for ordurves prior.  They live walking distance from the ball drop.  Wife’s not drinking so she can drive us home after.  

Just another cheap date night for us this year. 

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