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What Game Species Did You First Start To Hunt Later In Life?

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   From 1974 at age 14,I was totally into Pheasant  Hunting. And that continues  to this Day- over 50 years now.Throw in Rifle Deer Hunting at around age 18. Usually  just the Opener- see nothing and call it a Season. 

     Then around age 28 while Pheasant  Hunting,I saw HUGE 3-Toed Tracks in the Mud. Another Pheasant  Hunter said those were Turkey Tracks. I figured someone's Pet White Turkey got Loose.  Next year around April,I picked up a Hunting Magazine and saw an article on Spring Turkey Hunting.  The Thought of Hunting in the Spring got me going .

  Put it off for a Year and decided to try this at age 30. Still-- I had never seen a Wild Turkey Driving around or Hiking. We are talking Orange County Here. If,I grew up in Western NY,I would have seen these Big Birds at age 14 rather then age 30. I am digressing a bit because,I still have the DEC Paperwork for both Spring + Fall Turkey Kills by 

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Sorry for above- Screen popped around again. Anyway- County's  like Steuben had huge Turkey Kills back in the 1980s,90s,and on. While Rockland County during a few years in the 1980s had a Kill Report of- 0 Gobblers Killed. You read that right. And Orange County was not much better.

   I finally saw my 1st Wild Turkey Gobbler during one of my 1st Spring Hunts in 1990. He Flushed out of a Tree overhead and,I shot. Hit him too. No affect. I think,I was probably using old 6s or 71/2s in a 2 3/4 shell and a Modified  Barrel.

  What did,I know- Lol!  This was during the period of - School of Hard Knocks.. Some old timers had some knowledge- but Damn- they would share JackS×÷! With me. Just a Mona Lisa Smile.

    So,I had to learn on my own. Finally killed a 12 lbs Jake in my 5th Spring. And,I went in the Fall too. Never saw or Heard many Big Birds.

  Made up for it though after killing that 1st Turkey in 1994.  Hunted for 20 Straight years in Pennsylvania.  Killed a bunch of big birds. Hunted in New Jersey from 1994 to the present as well. Spring and Fall- both Seasons.

  So-- What Game Species did you first start to hunt later in life?

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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For me, it would be black bear. Growing up, I was a small game monster, including waterfowl. Adding to that was our annual PA deer camp in addition to the small game, but bear was something I didn’t focus on until my 40s. NJ’s first bear season in 2003 after decades without a hunt held no interest for me and neither did it in 2005, our second hunt for bear. But as I watched their numbers grow quickly, I began to change my mind.  Now I enjoy helping others get their first bear and occasionally I enjoy taking one myself. 

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