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Tough Bugger


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36 minutes ago, Keith Nehrke said:

I don't see how he will survive. That wound can't be healing with the shaft sticking out, but maybe he will surprise. 

I don't disagree but lets assume it was shot during archery, maybe first week of November (generous?) it's pushing two months.....the video I posted (Rusty made them pics) showed a deer acting perfectly normal and not fugged up.   :)


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My cousin hit a 120" 8pt buck through the back straps with an arrow. It relocated to the other side of the farm. Then a few weeks later my uncle shot it with a rifle. Arrow must have pulled out but there was a 4" diameter hole in hide and into meat

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46 minutes ago, bushbound said:

I'm wondering if there is a broadhead on the end of it, or a field tip. I would think the broadhead would just keep cutting as the deer moved. Amazing show of resilience either way. 

I know it's a bit of a stretch but I'd go out on a narrow limb and guess it's a broadhead.

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Having butchered several hundred deer, I've found broadheads stuck in shoulders, hips, spine many times. Most were encased in a hard mass that were obviously there for at least a year or more.  

Several years ago a buddy of mine shot at a 6 pt with the bow. Arrow clipped a limb and hit the buck in the nose. Tracked him for almost a mile. He shot that buck a yr later during the following rifle season with the broadhead lodged just below the eye socket, and the arrow shaft broken off just inside the nose. I'll see if he still has the pics.  

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Buck I shot far back during bow of 2022,saw intestine or fat hanging out as he walked away hunched.I tracked using a dog,still alive.3 weeks later I see him again dogging a doe...Saw him again this year during bow locked up with a doe,know it was him due to the front shoulder limp and same rack(but bigger).Truly amazing how tough they are!!!wish I had cam on video to see if the limp was present but pretty sure this is him


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