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Anyone use .243 and what grain?

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Been looking for a smaller cheaper round for a new toy I want that I can use both on deer with good stopping power and at the range also (not looking to resight everytime I go to range for FMJ shooting).  Currently use my .308 for upstate deer.

 Anyone have good results with deer and .243 rounds? I heard 85-100 grain  at under 150 yds hit decent with good shot placement. 

Palma non sine pulvere 

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Probably lots of them out there cheap, now that the much better on deer and about the same recoil 7mm/08 and 6.5 Creedmore have got so popular.

From what I’ve seen, the .243 does a very nice job on deer hit behind the shoulder, broadside thru the lungs, but not so hot with most other shot placements. 




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I don't have a 243 but I do have a 6mm Remington they are basically the same. I have used bullets between 90 and 105 grains. They all killed deer I did not have a deer run more than 40yds. I was impressed with the blood trail. 

I reload my 6mm has a 1/9 twist rate and would stabilize a 105gr amax but not 103 EDLX most 243's have a 1/10 twist rate so a 100gr is a but as heavy as you can go. You should be able to find some new rifles with a 1/8 twist rate. I never feel under gun using my 6mm.

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