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Action needed to REPEAL the Veteran Gun Ban


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GOA is on the cusp of winning our first major victory of 2024 by REPEALING the Veteran Gun Ban as part of the Military Construction, Veteran Affairs appropriations bill (H.R. 4366).

But we need your help ensuring squishy Washington politicians don’t compromise away or abandon this critical provision at the last minute.

As you may recall, both the House and Senate passed bipartisan amendments to H.R. 4366 to repeal the Veteran Gun Ban after an intense lobbying campaign by GOA and our members.

However, anti-gun extremists haven’t backed down, and they’re plotting to sabotage our victory by removing that amendment as Congress negotiates the final passage of the bill.

The language repealing the Veteran Gun Ban MUST stay in the bill no matter what!

That’s why we’re asking our members to contact their elected officials and tell them to OPPOSE any Veterans Administration (VA) funding bill that doesn’t contain this crucial provision.

That includes any “clean” continuing resolution (which would continue to fund the VA without repealing the gun ban).

Please add your name to our prewritten letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them not to fund the VA without REPEALING the Veteran Gun Ban.


The way our veterans have been treated is nothing short of disgusting.

These men and women risked their life for our country, and now they merely need financial assistance managing their VA benefits.

But when veterans seek the help they need, bureaucrats also label them as “mentally defective” to justify banning them from purchasing firearms for the rest of their lives!

An anti-gun Democrat even took to the floor of the House to defend this despicable practice and slander these veterans as “mentally defective.”

Shockingly, 99.3% of all names reported to the NCIS’s “mentally defective” list by the federal government were provided by the VA – meaning the overwhelming majority of those listed as “mentally defective” are simply veterans who needed help with their finances and were disarmed instead.

Too many veterans have lost their gun rights at the hands of these tyrannical bureaucrats.

That would end with the passage of H.R. 4366 as it’s currently written. VA would be prohibited from banning any more veterans from owning guns with this rule.

GOA has been at the forefront of the fight against the Veteran Gun Ban for decades.

After years of fighting, we’re finally on the brink of reining in the anti-gun bureaucrats at the VA – but we need your help getting this gun control repeal across the finish line.

So please, add your name to our prewritten letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them not to fund the VA without REPEALING the Veteran Gun Ban.

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