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The attacks on the Second Amendment keep coming in the Land of Enchantment!  More anti-gun legislation has been pre-filed this week, this time by State Senator Linda Lopez (D-ABQ), who is proposing a California-style 11% excise tax on firearms, firearm precursor parts, suppressors, and ammunition, to be collected from New Mexico firearms retailers and sporting goods outlets and placed in both the crime victims reparation fund and a fund for services to children and families involved in abuse or neglect situations (the latter being an area where the current administration and state agencies have failed abysmally.)  This bill would make it more expensive for law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutional right and to practice or train with firearms to become safer and more proficient when using them recreationally, or for hunting, competition or self-defense.

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I think its pretty clear that there isn't any respect for the constitution or the process for which to change it. Both sides hyper focused on judicial make up of courts for legal remedies. This of course lends credibility to that way thinking. There are no consequences for judicial activism. How long can a country last when people in power decide to ignore the rule of law. A lot longer than in the past I'm afraid. But in the end they all fall. 

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