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New site launched! BlackstoneMadness.com!


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Inspired by the very same title name of the topic here on this site, I created a new site dedicated to Blackstone owners and anyone interested in Blackstone cooking and products!  I know it's a huge and popular interest base, and a quite a few members here are into them!  It would be awesome if those who are could join over there and help get the site off the ground, post some of their content, etc!  There's not much there yet and only a couple members, biggest thing I've set up is a Recipes database (inspired by the Hunter Showcase here) and pulled in a feed of Blackstone Products recipes to start.  Also added the Blackstone Product's FB feed to get some content out there.

Come check it out and join up if you're interested in helping the launch at https://www.blackstonemadness.com/


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20 minutes ago, Cabin Fever said:

Nice! I just joined! I'm always on the look out for new recipes and things to try on the Blackstone. Unfortunately, my Blackstone is on the deck snuggled in a tarp for the winter... 

Thanks for joining!  Yeah up north here, might be a slow time for Blackstone cooking but hopefully I can get some members from other (warmer) areas to jump on a post up some pics and recipes!

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