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Strutting & Gobbling in January

Water Rat

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1 hour ago, Water Rat said:

These guys are ready to go….. too bad the ladies aren’t.  The neighborhood flock is over 20 with a few bearded hens. Hopefully no one is desperate enough to shoot them in May. I always see cars stopping in the street to watch them.IMG_5243.thumb.png.5cdcdb7653ea15390fbc7477ea368ea8.png

ALRIGHT!!!-  We have a similar situation  as you probably  remember.  The Flock,I am feeding this year is 6 Turkeys. Brood Hen,4 Jennies,+ 1 Jake.

    I believe  around 13 or so years Now,I get out at Sunrise and walk among them with a big Bowl of Birdseed and a bunch of Piles to prevent Bullying. 

   This late March or very early April- this Flock will break up once again and that will be it until around August and the process starts again with  another  Flock.

  Some years the same Gobblers will return after a near 4 Month absence . I step out with no Food and they run right at me. They remember my face and voice.

   I see the 1 Jake is extremely close to the Smallest Jenny and ,I believe they will partner up during this Spring after the Flock Breakup. 

  Nope- no Hunting down here and,I see cars slowing down as well.

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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