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Anti-gun Democrats, Media Collaborators, Concoct Phony “Scandal” to Ban Ammunition

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Here we go again. Every so often, some “brilliant” firearm prohibitionist comes up with the “insight” that if gun bans are unconstitutional, ammunition should be targeted instead. This is akin to the old tactic of cracking down on ink and paper supplies as a means of curtailing First Amendment expression and is just as unconstitutional. We saw an attempt by the government to ban one of the most popular types of ammunition for America’s most popular rifle during the Obama/Biden administration, when ATF suddenly (and inaccurately) reclassified M855 rounds as “armor piercing.” That overreaching move not only failed to go the distance, it was followed by the resignation of the ATF’s then director, B. Todd Jones. Now, as Gun Control, Inc. continues to recycle the failed executive gun control schemes of the past, another attempt is underway to ban supposed “military grade” ammunition from public sale.

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