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API vs summit open climber


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Summit open shot vs API Alumi-Tech Bowhunter open stand?  (Used lone Wolf hand climbers are out of the question because the prices are insane)

Does anyone that have used both or either have any feedback specifically regarding tree bite, safety, tree slip, etc? 

Seems like the API might be a little bit more of a pain to set up and climb with, but the price seems better. 


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years ago i bought a Summit Openshot because i took a 10' less than a second rider down a tree with an older stand. wasn't even a shag bark hickory or anything crazy like that. I've climbed about everything with my Openshot and have had zero concerns about it biting the tree and holding. I've climbed hophorn beam (iron wood), hickory, black locust, etc. when climbing softer trees you almost have to kick it free it's seated so much in my experience. no experience with the API.

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Thanks....been using a summit viper SD for a bit now and I love both the comfort and bite, especially with the hazmore seat and straps. But for my longer walks and shorter sits want a smaller lighter easier to set to tree stand.

I see the API is definitely cheaper that the open shot, just looks weird from stock photos. 

Palma non sine pulvere 

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