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2023 otter mount

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I picked up this guy a couple of days ago from the taxidermist. It was just about a year ago when I caught him. I knew of a hot otter toilet on a local stream that I wanted to trap but I kept putting it off for a couple of years. Luckily last year I set it up because when I went to check on it a few days ago , I noticed a large tree fell right where the toilet was . These otters certainly have beautiful fur. 


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Cool mount. After I tagged out on a Lynx in BC, I helped check muskrats traps and got a long shot 200yd+ at an otter peaking it's head above the ice. It happened fast and I missed, but remember thinking how cool it would be to have one of those underwater table mounts where the head is above water but you see the body under it. 

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