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What do you do when you can't sleep


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So I have been watching turkey hunting videos all night lolol . Started at 7pm and it is now  midnight lol . I think I can't wait to go turkey hunting . Spring can't come fast enough. 

I hope the snow and rain holds off . I am thinking about doing some pheasant  or squirrels  tomorrow.  But I need  to get to bed lolol . Night all 

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  I am up right now at 1.26am as,I write this. Just got done with combined Martial Arts/Boxing Training.  It is part of me . 

     Looks like you put all the pieces of the Puzzle together for the Spring Turkey Hunting. And maybe,I helped some. I definitely  think you can call one in on your own now and connect. We have plenty of areas to Scout together. Some of my Hotspots,I will stay out of this Spring and they will be yours. 

   And,I am secretly  hoping that the People Traffic will keep me out to Late May like every Spring. I don't  think,I ever killed a Gobbler on May 1st and the 2nd one the next day or May 3rd or 4th.

  I start on April 22nd in the Turkey Ghost Woods of Northren New Jersey. The Lottery Period has started- but,I don't  take part and wait for the " over the counter" day in March and go in Person rather then fast Type and buy up 8 Turkey Permits- lol!

  Now- Get Some Sleep Good Friend!

Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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