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Become A Better Turkey Hunter This Year! Calling Vs Woodsmanship-- Matt Dale.

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    I think Matt Dale is the Best Educator out there on Turkey Hunting. Him and,I Turkey Hunt the exact same way.  

  He is right- Woodsmanship is becoming a Lost Art. Scouting on a regular basis on at least 1 Weekend day - 3 Months out-( now) will develop Woodsmanship and work the Legs and Lungs. I was out near 2 Hours yesterday  and Thighs and Calves were a Burning- lol.

   When Dale continually mentions " Timber"- that is what he is trying to get across as far as Woodsmanship. 

    I myself have about 8 Videos on my Utube Turkey Educational  Channel. I Teach the Same Things. Forget about the Fat Bill in some of my earlier ones. I must have gained a good 50+lbs after Patti passed. Yesterday, I walked over 5 Miles. 6- Pack is coming back- not Beer-lol. 

  Anyway,I will try to upload occasionally some of Dale's New 2024 Turkey Videos for Y'ALL.

 Time to hit the Weights- later.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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