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Harrisburg PA Outdoor Show

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Anyone headed that way?

My buddy is going tomorrow and Sunday with one goal in mind - He has a rock solid wooded platform that was meant for a tower blind. The walls and roof never were finish so he is now looking to add a pre-fabricated blind to the tower platform. 

Any advice re manufacturers or certain things he should be looking at - hinges? Windows, construction materials, etc.


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oh and always heard good things about Maverick and Redneck blinds, but have no experience. Hunted out of a handmade box blind for wolf/coyote in Canada and it was nice to have quiet sliding windows. The rest for gun was covered in carpet to be extra quiet also. 

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2 hours ago, crappyice said:

Damnit...PS should be PA in the title but I don't know how to edit a title of a post.

I changed it for you. Simply go to to the upper right to where there are 3 dots next to each other and click. Select “edit” and make your change. 

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Hardside blinds IMO have a relationship with price and performance. 

I have hunted out of the majority of brands. Not all, but certainly most mainstream ones.

I have yet to really enjoy and believe in anything more than Redneck. The ones with composite / wood framing or internals, just end up having problems. My Hughes Blind is regrettable 6ish years later. Absolutely regrettable. About the only good on it is the metal stand. Same with Maverick. Poor door latching design. We use a ratchet strap to keep it closed now. Window seals are in horrible shape. It’s 4 years old. It’s hardly air “tight” in that you can see daylight on the base as the sun and heat has warped it over time. 

I’ve sat in Rednecks of similar age and you’d never know it was that age. Banks, Muddy, 360, etc all use wood or wood products and they just simple end up not being water tight, or have expansion issues IMO.

The show is OK. Was much better pre-sale of the show itself. That earlier version was a sight to see. Deals were everywhere. Not so much today. Much more of a gun focus now, which is one of the few positives. 

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