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Joe T

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Now that duck season is over, Enzo and I are headed out to Calverton tomorrow morning to join up with some friends to practice with our dogs.  My objective is to not mess up what he knows how to do instinctually, and to help him develop the skills that he must acquire.  I follow a positive reinforcement approach and focus on having fun with him!  He is doing well in my back yard with a Dokken- now I need to help him overcome distractions of new environments to do well with real birds! 



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one thing I remember someone telling me from NAVHDA was that I "talk" too much!!!  I tried to only say the command once and use the whistle sparingly. I never realize Ho much I was repeating commands before giving my pup a chance to respond!

@CharlieNY may have some interest/advice for ya Joe...great dog guy from the "old/dead sight" who made his way here recently

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I would be glad to help out. I took my son's dog Gunner from pup to this. My first advice is patience and time. Make training sessions fun and keep them short. Graduate him from canvas dummy to dead birds when training him. And yes praise him when he does well. I'm no expert but would be glad to give you any advice I can. 



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