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Getting Rid Of Stuff


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I'm getting rid of some stuff I don't use or need so I don't have to pack it.


This is a trade. I'm looking to trade a Bear Flag Defense BF10 in .223/5.56  used twice for a Mean Arms MA Loader in the same calibers. Would like to do the trade locally near the Southern Albany area.



Also looking to sell a new in the box Ka-Bar Mark 1 with the plastic sheath.




$100 local pick up or $115 shipped.


If interested please leave a message in this thread then send me a PM. This stuff is also posted elsewhere hence why I ask to post in the thread to adhere to timestamps. 


Thanks for looking.


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They are the grunt of knives. Take whatever you throw at them and keep trucking. I have the Short Fighting Knife and a few Beckers, so I figured I'd pass this one along to a good home. But I have zero problems keeping it in the collection if is doesn't sell. 

I don't feed the trolls.

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