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It's not safe so ...


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Yeah, I won't go out on the ice till we have atleast 6 inches anymore with atleast a few weeks below 20. And that depends on the lake.  The lake by my house is over 60 ft deep  with 30 ft drop off  just off the shore. You need below 20 for a month or more before it gets good ice.

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Unfortunately, people put themselves and others in danger for a few fish.  By the looks of the extended forecast, it's not looking promising for any safe ice in my area for the 2nd yr in a row.  

My annual Maine trip is the end of month.  Plenty of ice up there and if that's the only ice fishing I do this season, no biggie.  

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Just a couple days ago, they had to rescue a guy from Round Lake here locally. Even up on the hill there is no "safe" ice. I have all my ice fishing gear ready to go. But it likely won't be used again this year. If there is even the slightest doubt about ice safety. It's better to not go!!! Not worth the risk for a few fish.

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