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A farewell to the biggest buck on our lease that we are losing

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So as some of you know we are loosing our lease that we had for 3 years . Today we went and brought home some ground blinds and all my game cameras . And  after going through the  SD cards  i thought i would post a first year and last year photos of the super wide seven we had running around . Our first year i had him at 5 yards during archery with no shot and again at 15 yards opening morning of gun  before legal light  , i didn't know it was him  until i pulled the card on the camera and he walked down the same trail  i did like 20 mins after i climbed into the stand .  
We did not have any pictures or see him the second year. Nor did we see him this last season . But he's still alive and we only have 3 photos on one cam of him this year . We just couldn't seal  the deal with  him. The landowner is giving the property to his son so hopefully he can bag him . As you can see he just keeps getting wider .. 





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  • Rob-c changed the title to A farewell to the biggest buck on our lease that we are losing

Always my fear we lose our lease. Luckily it's a good friend of mine I knew beforehand but you never know. Sorry to hear.  Hopefully you have some new dirt to check out before season.  Good luck.  

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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