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New gun legislation proposal.....

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I was listening to the Bob Lonsberry minute this morn on the way to work and he said there is a new gun legislation being proposed by a legislator from NYC (Jackson).  That would require that everyone who purchases a long gun or shotgun have a Hunting license, proof of a gun safe ownership, and be required to take a 5 hr class and also demonstrate proficiency.  I looked for it on the net but couldnt find it, but of course no surprise.  In Ny it will only continue to go this way and won't ever go backwards. 

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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by in large the voting population is dismal and there's still asshat hunters that vote against the grain, thinking it'll be different because we aren't in NYC. then it's lock step in line and agreeing with proposals like this to gain favor from their peers. this law A3855 is packed full issues that should otherwise be exceptions to the licensing. too many to list like if you already own safe storage and have a pistol permit and/or semi-auto rifle cert. Classic NYS, there's no standards for test that you have to be 90% proficient in to purchase. forget that first time folks never handled a firearm and need to develop proficiency like with anything else in life. also biggest reason to say FUKH is that nothing about the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution, under the Bill Of Rights, says we have a right to hunt. it says everything about a right to owning firearms for protection against people, including domestic, that want to do us harm or seek to take these rights away.


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Well it's Albany and Hochul so it's as good as passed. lol SCOTUS? Whats that? We need people in the boroughs supported by GOP and funded to bring the message to the voters. Huge opportunity here to tie the disenfranchised poor minority voter, who sees money going to illegals at the rate of nearly 2k-5k weekly, to the fact that they want to disarm them for fear of revolt. Tie their 2nd amendment right to whether they can afford the right at all. Money now dictates what rights you can and cannot exercise. I'm sure city and state are concerned as the poor people in the boroughs are ready to revolt on the migrant issue now.    

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