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Deer Phalanges


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I like to try and use all the parts I can on anything I harvest.

Processing deer phalanges (coffin bones, toe bones) is relatively easy and they are real cool!  And they are a great memento to remember a special hunt!  I encourage you to try this…

Using loppers, cut the foot between the dew claws and the hoof…sometimes I collect the dew claws so I cut just above them.  I use a stout knife to cut what the loopers don’t (hide, tendons, etc). By trimming the hooves, it saved on boiling time.

Boil the hoofs for a couple hours or until they are staring to fall apart.

Using needle nose pliers, pull the toe bone out of the pad.

There is typically collagen stuck on the toe bone.  Sometimes I scrape it off under running water or boil again for a little bit. A stiff tooth brush with some Dawn soap is helpful.

Once cleaned up, put the toe bones in a jar of hydrogen peroxide to whiten them up.  The peroxide in the brown bottle ($1.00) works fine…just need to leave the bones in a little longer.  If the peroxide is warm (room temperature) it works quicker than if left in a cold garage or shed. I let my bones dry before putting in the hydrogen peroxide…I think they whiten up nicer…probably doesn’t matter.

Again, I encourage you to try this!!

Happy Holidays!












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6 hours ago, Nomad said:

Here’s a human phalange aka finger bone , I’ve had it for sometime been meaning to make a necklace out of it . 



Looks like it might need a bit of peroxide to whiten things up a bit!  Just kidding…very cool patina! It would definitely be quite the conversation piece!

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