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Hot sauce… what’s your go to?


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This is the current hot sauce stash.  No real favorite, but I think I use Cholula most.  Burman is from Aldi’s and I like it more than Frank’s.  The unlabeled green is from leftover jalapeños and Serranos.  Unlabeled red is ghost pepper sauce from a buddy.  It’s deadly but a key ingredient in jerky and smoked pistachios.  


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Currently mostly Franks .

I used to be in the hot sauce of the month club, as well as buying hotter stuff locally , acid reflux changed that .

I’ve mostly got that under control through an OTC med. and dietary restrictions . An occasional hotter one seems to be ok ,so we’ll see .

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Frank's for sure. But also use a lot of the green Tabasco. Esp on eggs. Great flavor and not as hot as regular Tabasco.  

I found some powdered Frank's and am going to try to make some Frank's flavored Brats soon.  


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