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I went hunting half a dozen times this year, and saw deer on only one hunt. I’m not getting down about it, I had some good “head clearing” time, but I think I’m going to call it a year. I left the woods early this morning so I could take my daughter to swim lessons. I had every intention of hitting it again this afternoon, but upon arriving home, I found that our English Bulldog, Ruby had vomited and was very lethargic. My wife, who is a vet, checked her out, and said she needed to take her to the clinic to do an ultrasound. Long story short, Ruby had a bleeding splenic mass, and we put her down this morning. After this, my motivation is totally gone. We had “Ruples” for 11 years, and she was the most gentle and loving dog. I’m sure going to miss her, as she brought a huge presence to our home, both physically and audibly. I’ll miss her snores and panting, just having her here with us. 

I hope the rest of you who are still in the woods have good luck. I am looking forward to the Southern Vermont Primitive Biathlon in February, and will start preparing for that soon. 




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5 minutes ago, phade said:

Sorry to hear. We have a female English bulldog. 11 is a great run. I’m sure it was full of memories! 

Having a wife who is a vet is a huge help. We adopted Ruby when she was 2. Mass removals, 2 knee replacements and countless “fixes” over the years kept her happy and healthy until now. I swear, my wife is a miracle worker. 

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So sorry for the loss of Ruples. It's never easy to say goodbye to our beloved pets. They become such a huge part of our lives. And take a piece of our heart with them when they go. She will be waiting for you one day over The Rainbow Bridge. She was lucky to have you guys. You were lucky to have her.

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