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Friend sang for Toby Keith !


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Actually my daughter’s friend Banger ,that’s the only name I know him by and I’ve known him ten plus years lol.  A young 30ish chubby nutcase ,he sings “ I’ll always love you.” With his shirt off in a sexy dance every night at our Euchre tournament.

So he’s I Fla at a karaoke bar with three friends ,they all are drinking a can of some drink John Daly either owns or promotes,well John Daly walks in and sits at the table next to them . He’s sees the cans and thanks them ,says he appreciates it , a conversation ensues and Banger tells him he’s up next and singing a Toby Keith song , John says “ he’s my best friend “ ( this is right when Toby is dying) .

Banger goes on stage does the song but notices John Daly is recording it , well no he’s FaceTiming Toby ! John brings the phone on stage and shows Banger , Toby tells him he loved it and it really cheered him Up !

I just saw the video of it at my daughters ,pretty darn cool .

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4 minutes ago, mowin said:

That's cool indeed.  I'm sure it's something he never imagined would happen, and will remember this for a long time. 

They actually ended up at that bar because their Uber driver got mixed up with the directions …..

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