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Huge Coyote at Ribcage

Cabin Fever

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1 hour ago, Rusty said:

That is one big coyote, there's no doubt that the Eastern Coyote is part wolf.   

NY has actually had four confirmed wolves. I know at least some of those were documented in Otsego County. That one could be a wolf. You and I see some serious Eastern coyotes, but never that large. 

"A sinking fly is closer to Hell" - Anonymous 




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2 hours ago, Stubborn1vt said:

The beef farmers shot 40+ last year over bait with night scopes and thermal.  The biggest they weighed on a digital deer scale was 62#.  I didn't see that in person.  I have seen a few in the upper 40s in person.

WOW! A 62lb'er would be e monster!

I wish I was a better caller, but no such luck. I planned on buying some traps and learning to trap them this past season, but that didn't go as planned. :rolleyes:  

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