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must be some decent food around. looks like a well fed 3.5 yr old to me. neck is thick but can still tell where it runs into the brisket. legs about right for its body and not overly long. heavier in the front than in the rear. waist is still tucked up higher than its chest depth. hind quarters don't seem as thick as the front shoulders. it's late October too so he should be well conditioned and swollen. i bet if you got another pic of him now he'd have run off some of that gut and the taper front to back would be more noticable.

...i'll add something else after the fact. antlers can be big or small from buck to buck. don't put much weight into it because you'll get burned. mass is probably the best indicator there. these seem like avg for 3.5 yrs old.

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I believe he is likely 7.5.  def a minimum of 6.5.  Just seems to me it's about impossible to really age a buck without info thru the years in that area .  Being a 6pt a lot of people think he's only 3.5 maybe 4. But he's always been that with a big body.  In 2020 the pics he is smaller but this was in Sept. In 2019 pics were right in the rut.  Never a daylight pic of him in all these years except for him in velvet in July.  A buck I sure would have liked a shot at but had very little hopes of it this season.  I will be surprised for sure if he is around in 2023.  Def a lot of history.  Was hoping our additional food plots might draw him out more and it did....lol but only more at night. 

"it's pointless for humans to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it"- Ron Swanson

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