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Anyone Fish The Trout Magnet?

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With trout season just around the corner, I was thinking about trying the Trout Magnet. In between my awkward attempts at fly fishing, I'll use my ultra light spinning set up. Saw some video's on the TM. They look like they could be fun to fish with. Has anyone here used the trout magnet? If so did it work? What was the most productive color? Will be using on small to medium size streams.

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It is my #1 favorite trout steam lure.  It's about all I use.  It's so similar to fly fishing with a nymph but so much easier to cast.  My favorite color is the clear gold fleck.  Black and green - grasshopper is also good.  I have also bought a few 1/64oz jigheads and some small bee/bug bodies and used those but the trout magnet and panther martins are always with me. 

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No doubt, they work great.  Use them for trout and panfish, even catch some little bass on them.  If I take my kids out fishing and I don't have live bait, I'm using a trout magnet or a small jig head with a twisty tail! :up:

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