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New knife time!


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10 hours ago, Lawdwaz said:

Nice knife just don't lay it down in the woods, you'll never find it.  LOL

I keep a rapala bait knife in my bag for field dressing… white handle is tough to lose.  Unless there’s snow of course, then it’s as good as gone.  Good thing they’re cheap and I have a bunch of them. 

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Congrats ! The  Para is a very much, loved knife among Spyderco fans , perhaps the most loved . A scaled down version of the Military model . 

I like the compression lock , it’s on my Yojimbo too . I do struggle with the blade to handle ratio of the Para but that’s a personal hang up .

Ive not bought many knives since I retired, and tend to carry just a few of the many I have , but I’ve looked at some of the Para’s and Benchmade  Bugout interests me . 

Ha I did just buy a Mora Eldris totally destroying my blade to handle ratio hang up lol ! It’s a cool little pocket fixed blade that I can’t wait the dress a deer with . Hair popping sharp . 


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2 hours ago, dbHunterNY said:

Nice! i don't have any Spyderco knives just a couple Benchmades or budget stuff for folders. i've gotta think S45 is good. i've got S30 and S90. The S30 doesn't hold an edge as well but damn the S90v blade is a *&&^% to sharpen and takes time.

Yea the S45 sounds like a great balance.  This is the most Iv spent on a pocket knife, but I’m sure it’ll get a lot of use in the rotation.  And I checked out a few benchmades, something tells me I’ll add one soon. 


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