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Myrtle Beach Charters


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Going to Myrtle Beach the week of May 12th. Looking into some kind of fishing charter or other possibilities. Does anyone have any ideas? Already been on a charter out to the continental shelf to fish off the side of the boat.  That was fun but looking for something a bit more challenging.  Any ideas would be appreciated. Thx

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Are you looking to go after a specific species or do inshore/near shore or off?

There are a lot of inshore charters down in Murrell’s Inlet with good reviews if you search. That’s a short 20-30 min drive. Those will mostly be inshore/backwater, but I’ve found them to be more fun and active in most cases. Going offshore is purpose built - and you just need to know what you’re getting into.


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Yes, I have done the offshore, caught a ton of fish, but it was just drop the bait, wait 3 seconds and real it up.

I searched a bunch of charters, and they all look good.

Just wondering what kind of fishing is good that time of year, and if anyone has a particular charter they have used they were happy with.

Also thinking about going out on a pier and seeing how that goes.

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