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Whats the Lowest and highest you have ever placed a stand .


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3 minutes ago, Rusty said:

I hunt from the ground, that's about as low as you can get!  :rofl:   

One time a sat in the fork of a tree no more then  6 or 7  feet off  the ground and deer got pretty close with out seeing  me. Also have hunted from ground and had deer come in to  eye site range .

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6-15 max.... Not a fan of heights at all and I've trained myself to sit pretty still, at least for 4 to 5 hours straight.  The eyes move first and then the head extremely slow.

When we are upstate I will occasionally hunt from the ground, but down here on Long Island I need some height because of the thick crap

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Palma non sine pulvere 

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I've hunted as low as 1-2 feet just to get off the ground and not make noise with my feet but basically plant myself inside a brush pile on a tree and see over the brush.  Then I've hunted upwards of 35-40 feet when gun hunting.  Nowadays I'm in that 20-25ft range mostly but might go upwards of 30.  

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Most of my stands are ladder stands, do most are right around 15 feet. With my hang ons and my climber i stick right around that same height. The higher you go, the more the tree sways in the wind and that's unsettling. I also worry about shoot placement and shot angle the higher i go.

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