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Eyeing Satellite Maps


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So without being able to get boots on the ground scouting, I've been map scouting the public land in the new AO. I'm not feeling very optimistic. One thing I've never done much of is hunt turkey up north. This is going to be an interesting Spring season of scout as I hunt I think.

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Depends on if you’re considering where you’re moving to be north or if you’re looking north into the big woods?

If looking around your new house it will be the same as what you’re used to maybe a bit more hilly. You’ll still find some pressure. 

If you’re looking more north than that head to the top and look for edges. Adk turkeys tend to love coming to a call and are generally way more willing to play the game than most birds around home. 

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The big woods are 40 minutes out from me. The terrain we're moving to is nothing like it is here. It's ADK thick pines and sand vs thick scrub brush, vines, and clay here. I will not drive more then an hour to hunt turkey for a morning and beyond 45 minutes is pushing it really. I like hunting turkey, but not enough to drive like some of you guys will/do.

The area we rent the cabin is loaded with birds, have rarely been up there without seeing big flocks, but it's still further then I'll drive for a bird. I had a trip planned to camp again this Spring but cancelled it with the move and trying to settle in . I may try and talk my buddy into a weekend at our camp, but a lot of things will have to fall into pace to make that happen.

I figure this Spring is going to more or less be run and gun, for lack of a better term. But at least I'll start learning the lands for the deer season.

I don't feed trolls.

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