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Went to local target today to get the last of the last items for all .

I'm in the check out line paying and I say thank you and merry Christmas to the cashier,she says to me you can't say that . I said I just did , I then asked her if she worked on December 25 and she says no she has it off for Christmas. I then say see , you have it off for Christmas not happy holidays day . 

I then left saying ,where I come from its merry Christmas and Happy new year to all .

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I find myself saying both interchangeably. No rhyme or reason, sometimes it’s Happy Holidays, sometimes it’s Merry Christmas. As far as I know, I haven’t offended anyone.

I do always try to return whatever greeting I’m given. I figure that if that’s what the person is comfortable with, then I can oblige them. 

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Agreed, ITs certainly Merry Christmas.. I know when I have mentioned Happy Holidays in the past.. It was Combining both Merry Christmas with Happy New Year.. I guess bc its shorter? I'm not sure lol. But I will do my best to start saying HAve a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

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