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St Lawrence River - Bass charter recommendation

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My brother is thinking of taking my father up to A Bay /1000 islands area and taking my dad on a bass fishing charter for the day. Anyone have any experience with this or recommendations of people you have used. He is going to do some research but I told him I would post on here and see if anyone had any info.   Thanks

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I’ve been mostly targeting Largemouth bass up there the last few years.  Pound for pound, they only fight about half as hard as smallmouth, but I find them just a little better eating.  

Overall, smallmouth are my favorite fish (mostly due to their fighting ability) but a change of pace is nice on occasion.  We’ve got great smallmouth fishing 30 minutes from home on the upper Niagara River and up at my in-laws Adirondack retirement home.  

My two favorite largemouth places near A-bay are Lake of the Isles in the middle of Wellesley island, across and behind Bolt Castle, and Goose bay (next bay downriver).  My immediate family has a cottage on Goose bay, so that’s been my go to spot, when gas prices have been high.  

You don’t even need a guide for the largemouth.  Just slow roll big willowleaf spinnerbaits over the weedbeds, or toss wacky works or weedless jig & craw, into the weedy pockets and edges.  





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