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On way back from Ohio yesterday afternoon saw 3  buck bedded along the tracks.  2 were up  about an  inch or so ,but one was uo 4 or 5  in and was starting to fork, good mass.  He's gonna be a whopper.   I only have ¹ buck here I can see pedicals  up about an in or so on camera.  This ohio buck really surprised  me how far antlers have grown already.  All of these looked to be mature buck  but  april 13 th is earliest  I've seen that good of growth...

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No pictures ?

I did a little myself a couple weeks ago.  The  little Honda fired up on the third pull, after sitting all winter, and didn’t miss a beat thru about two face cord.  Gotta love that ethanol free gas.

That’s all ash that I had on my bucking trailer thru the winter.  I hauled some maple home from my parents place last weekend and have that ready to chunk up on there now, but I got to wait for creek to go down  before I can get back at it.  

 Maybe this picture will draw Rusty back from Jersey. 


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35 minutes ago, GreeneHunter said:

I sold my splitter a couple years ago and now just call the guy for a cord or two every year ! Miss my splitter !

I’ve had that one for about a quarter of a century.  I used to split by hand when I was young.  Growing up, my parents heated our house with wood, and I did all of the splitting by hand.   When I got married and moved out, my wife pushed me to get a splitter.  She said that splitting by hand would cause me to have arthritis in later years.  

Because I valued her and her opinion, I listened to her argument.   I definitely like the splitting with that hydraulic splitter better than the cutting with a chainsaw (that’s a little tougher on my back).  I can split for many hours (standing for smaller stuff with the splitter horizintal, or seated for the big ones with it vertical) with no back pain whatsoever.  

Now, going on 60, I haven’t had any arthritis issues in the arms or shoulders whatsoever.  I think that’s also due to my giving up my vertical bow before I hit 50.  I’m so thankful that NY state made the crossbow legal (for 2 weeks anyhow) back in 2014.  

One of my good friends, who is about 5 years younger than me, is currently fighting for his life due to health complications, which he attributes to many years of vertical bow use.  He’s had clotting issues over the last couple years and just underwent surgery to have part of a top rib removed.  

Any type of assymetrical heavy repeated loading (like you get when shooting a vertical bow or splitting wood with your dominant side) is bad for the body and lots of folks (like my buddy) are paying  a steep price for that when they get older.  


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