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Getting ready for youth weekend

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I got 5 different spots trimmed up and ready for youth weekend today. A few early spots and a couple for  mid morning. Saw birds at 3 of the 5 spots and the other 2 spots had tracks right where I planned on setting up. This will be my first year not using pop up blinds with the kids. I hate sitting in them and haven’t replaced the ones that have ripped or broke and I don’t feel like buying more. If it’s a deal breaker after this year I’ll buy a few more but I really think they take away a little bit of the hunt. 

Sounds like I’ll have 2 young fellas this year hopefully we get one early Saturday, the one on deck is supposed to be ready for the call that he’s up.

Neither have guns so tomorrow I’m planning on getting one of my youth guns out and checked. They’re both coming over Wednesday after school to do some shooting and get used to the gun. 


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