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NH: Stop HB 1711-FN!

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Granite State Second Amendment Supporters,

We face a critical moment with HB 1711-FN, a proposed bill with severe implications for gun owners in our state. This legislation allows for the confiscation of firearms from individuals based on psychological and bureaucratic assessments, bypassing the due process that should accompany any infringement on our constitutional rights.

Labeled as a “red flag” law, it misuses the guise of mental health safety to undermine the Second Amendment protections guaranteed to us. The troubling aspect of this bill is that it doesn’t require a criminal act to strip citizens of their rights; merely the judgment of “unfitness” by officials is enough to seize legally owned firearms.

This is not just about protecting rights but also about recognizing the ineffectiveness of such legislation. Evidence suggests that the majority of mental health sufferers pose no danger to the public, and the current proposal does nothing to address the root causes or offer support to those in need.

Instead, this legislation penalizes the law-abiding. The response from firearm organizations at both state and national levels has been overwhelmingly negative, signifying the bill’s overreach and potential for harm.

This is the time we need everybody involved!

1. Presence is Power: On Tuesday, 4/16 at 2pm, there’s a Senate Judiciary Hearing in State House Room 100. It’s essential to be there in person to demonstrate our commitment to gun rights.

2. Direct Action: Direct Action: Contact your state senator without delay using the form above. And don’t hesitate to add personal stories and respectful arguments on why you oppose HB 1711-FN. That can definitely make a difference.

3. Virtual Voice: Sign in online to officially register your opposition. Every name counts in showing the breadth of resistance to this bill. [Sign in your opposition here] https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/senate/schedule/eventDetails.aspx?event=3139&et=1

4. Community Engagement: Discuss with friends, family, and fellow supporters. Share information and urge them to join in these actions. A collective effort magnifies our message.  If every member contacts their friends and lets them know about this dangerous bill we can defeat it.

Please make sure to tell your friends that Gun Owners of America is the national group that is working to protect their rights.

This is about more than guns; it’s about civil liberties and the principles of justice. The time to defend our rights is now, before they are eroded silently. Make your voice heard.

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