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2022-23 Crows and Pigeons


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Now that deer season is all but over, we will start hunting winter crows and pigeons. Scouted a couple good flyways and crow feeds and the numbers look good. The calls and decoys are ready and we will hit them the 26th.  This nasty weather is great crow calling weather and usually sends big numbers of pigeons to the corn and silage bunkers. 

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I quit hunting crows years ago, but I think pigeon hunting would be a blast.  When I worked at a farm here in town, I told the owner I'd get rid of the pigeons.  He just laughed.  I did it though.  Every year for Christmas he got me a box of .22 mag ammo.  Didn't think of it at the time, but I bet they would be very good table fare.  Same diet as the milk cows.

Good luck.  Any way to get out hunting is worth doing.  

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3 hours ago, GreenDrake said:

The pigeons we shoot are not resident barn birds. They are flocks that come in from the city and bridges to feed. Not appetizing table fare. Mostly pest and crop control for the farmers. Some of the farm hands take birds for the table but not many. 

There's no way you can convince me of this.  I get that you don't want to eat them, but I highly doubt they are no good to eat.

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Convince you of what?  That they taste horrible or are city birds? We watch the flocks coming to us from a mile a way out of the city. We will see thousands in a morning. As for their taste, we have prepared them a few different ways and they were less than desirable. I could send you some of you want to give them a try. To each his own I guess. 

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