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Mossberg sa-20

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Mossberg sa20- it’s in good shape but it’s been carried a few times and killed a couple turkeys. Has a leupold delta point pro on sumtoy mount. 3 chokes, jebs, Carlson and factory. Don’t need to sell but don’t really like the gun and it sits in the safe. I believe I have factory rail and shims but I will have to look. 

I have a bit over 1200$ in the package.

asking 1,000$ firm. Not shipping, ffl transfer around Saratoga. 600$ without delta point. Buyer pays transfer fee.









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12 minutes ago, escpen said:

What don't you like about it?  

I have a a Franchi and  a bennelli m2 performance shop and they are both lighter and much more refined. The mossberg is a good gun for the price it just doesn’t compete with the others that cost twice and 4X’s as much. 

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, escpen said:

The fact that it is a 20 gauge piqued my interest.  My 3 boys and I patterned our turkey guns last weekend and the 20 gauges were so much nicer to shoot.  Looks like a good deal for someone - good luck with the sale!

I haven’t killed a turkey with a 12ga in probably 15 years. 20’s killem very dead and with way less recoil.

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7 minutes ago, maddie said:

I have one sitting in my cabinet as well, i couldn't get used to the 7 or 8 lb. trigger pull , yes i bought the repair kit but haven't had the 2 hrs. to install .

The trigger on this one is actually actually not bad, I would guess 5ish pounds. When I got it I tried the 4 or 5 they had in stock and got the pick of the litter.

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On 4/27/2024 at 9:00 PM, Buckmaster7600 said:

These cheap Turkish guns don’t seem to have much resale. Oh well looks fine in the cabinet collecting dust. 

I thought mossys were made in the USA 

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