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B+C buck


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15 minutes ago, lucky118 said:

back then giant bucks were almost mythical and ghosts. in today's world they're still ghosts at times but every hillbilly has seen it from the road on the way to work, every road hunter is patterning the thing, and everyone around town is talking about it leading up to opening day. that buck was probably fully mature at 6.5+. it would've died sooner if it were today and it might even be on video. pressure big deer see now is immense even in places like city limits where they aren't supposed to be hunted.

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There are a lot of "lost" bucks I'm sure lot of  Older guys  just  put em in the basement   or  in the corner  of a shed. Not everyone  is  into antlers.. my neighbor has several nys  book bucks in the basement  no one ever saw  till he was  moving..  

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