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bbb Spooks Sneaky Pete- 4/23/24.

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     Yeah,I did it again...

  Somewhere down near to Rt. 287 on Public- Cynthia  and,I were out for round 2 and stayed till near 11am.

    We were set halfway up a Ridge and a Tom hammered away  from at least 200 yards. And he got closer.

That Devil that Cynthia named- Sneaky Pete proceeded to climb the same ridge at least 100 yards out by his Gobble  and another closer Gobble had him obviously  trying to work his way above my position  for a downward peek.

   I had to take a Gamble. That Sun was hitting all the Rocks and we stuck out. So up,I climb and stood next to a Tree and waited. 

  That was it- no more Gobbling. I probably  spooked him...

   That was definitely  not a 2 year old. Only the older ones will try that on you. 

 And- I get to try him tomorrow. 


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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