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Interference On Incoming Gobbler This Morning.

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    Damn-- I had a Gobbler coming from 200 yards away at least to my Loud Cutting and Yelping. He closed to under 80 yards. 

  Tube type Calling above my position shut him down.

  I hear that calling going around my Ridge. I see 2 Guys walking 40 yards away. I call out-- HUNTER. They talk it over and make their way around the Ridge again. We all make eye contact. They set up out of sight- but close and start calling again. WTF.

  5 minutes of Silence. I am actually  now standing in the open and here comes my Gobbler  right at me. 

  So Rattled by those 2 knowingly competing with me Twice that,I missed over the Top.

   Looked like 2 Young Punks . 

  My Cutting is Super Loud.  They had to know,I was working that Gobbler.

TG,I did not get shot. I left soon after. That was going to be an easy shot in just a few minutes. Man- he was coming.

  What can you do.

 I posted this on the NJ Site also in- 4/27/ Checkin. One guy thought it was funny. Posted something with Star Treks- Capt Picard. 

  Damn Dangerous  though.  Hitting the Shower. Thought,I would share.


Take The Multiple Use Area Challenge. 

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