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PA: Stop The Binary Trigger Ban and Electronic Gun Registry

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The anti-gun House Democrats continue their attempts to turn Pennsylvania into New York and New Jersey, this time by trying to ban accessories like binary triggers and setting up an electronic gun registry.

HB 335 would reclassify accelerated trigger activators (e.g., bump stocks, binary triggers, and crank triggers) as “offensive weapons,” making them illegal to own. This is nothing more than a scare tactic to outlaw accessories commonly owned by thousands of law-abiding gun owners across Pennsylvania.

Moreover, HB 335 would make current owners of accelerated trigger activators criminals overnight. That’s right! Mere possession of a previously owned accelerated trigger activator could land you in jail.

If that weren’t enough, HB 2206 would establish an electronic gun registry and set up all the conditions necessary for the Pennsylvania State Police to enhance their so-called “Record of Sale” system which is nothing more than a backdoor gun registry.

Gun owners across Pennsylvania are not fooled by the rhetoric claiming that the PSP “Firearm Application/Record of Sale” form (SP4-113) is not a registry. HB 2206 would allow the efficient collection of any additional data the government would decide to ask for at the point of sale.

Time is short, both of these bills will be coming up for a vote on the PA House floor as early as Monday, May 6th.

That’s why I need you to fill out the form above right away and urge them to OPPOSE HB 335 and HB 2206. Let them know that you consider these bills to be an assault on your God-given rights.

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