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I have no idea what I have here.....


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Wow. That was fast!  Yes I think it does say that. It's very hard to read, rusted over pretty bad.  

Can I still get parts??? Lol!!

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FWIW, that configuration of a sxs with a shotgun and rifle is often referred to as a “cape gun” in reference to South African Cape of Good Hope and the popularity of a do all gun for settlers that could take birds with a shot load and big game with a rifle.

Shame about the barrel. Bet that woke someone up!

There are still companies that produce these in modern platforms, although custom; but the over/under configuration called a BBF is still a catalog item by several European manufacturers. BBF is an abbreviation of the German term for that o/u layout. The other way to achieve a cape gun is a full length rifled barrel insert in a shotgun; I have one in 5.6x 52R (22 Savage High Power) in a sxs 20ga for small game.

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