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GOA is Suing Biden’s ATF

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We only have a couple of weeks to save the Second Amendment from the chopping block.

The Biden ATF’s “Universal Registration Rule” is set to go into effect on May 20, requiring background checks on the private sales of firearms.

GOA promised you that we would fight tooth and nail to stop the Biden Administration’s latest assault on your God-given rights.sueatf-240x300.png

Today, I am announcing that we are making good on that promise.

That’s right, we are pleased to report to you that GOA has partnered with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, as well as three other states, and have filed the first lawsuit in the nation challenging the Biden ATF’s rule that forces citizens like you either to comply with an unconstitutional background check or face criminal prosecution.

But the Biden ATF is already preparing to lawyer up to try and swamp us in court.

Not only is the Biden Administration hellbent on disarming the public, they also don’t want to suffer a humiliating defeat in court right before the 2024 election.

That’s why our legal team urgently needs YOUR support to beat their government lawyers in court and ensure that we can stay in this fight no matter how long or how many appeals it takes.

We’re committed to seeing this fight through to the bitter end – are YOU?

Please make a contribution to our Legal Defense Fund to ensure we have every resource we need to go toe-to-toe with the Biden ATF’s lawyers as we urge the courts to IMMEDIATELY BLOCK this unconstitutional rule from taking effect.

We can promise you that 100 percent of your contribution will go towards fighting the ATF in court.

The ATF’s pending “Universal Registration Rule” was all made possible by RINO Senator John Cornyn when he stabbed his gun-owning voters in the back by making a “compromise” with the anti-gun lobby in summer of 2022.

We warned Cornyn and the other RINOs who made a deal with the devil that this anti-gun bill would open the door for even more gun control.

Any gun law put on the books simply gives anti-gunners more ammunition to attack our rights.

And this rule does exactly that. The rule achieves the long-held anti-gun dream of imposing so-called “universal background checks” to private gun transfers – which is essentially a backdoor mass gun registration because the federal government has been CAUGHT keeping the records of the sale.

We don’t need to tell you that gun owner registration has frequently been used as a first step to gun confiscation!

Needless to say, the ATF is on the brink of securing one of its greatest assaults on the Second Amendment as well as the basic privacy and rights of gun-owning citizens.

That’s why GOA is fighting this war on every possible front.

Not only are we turning to the courts to IMMEDIATELY HALT this unconstitutional rule, we’re also running a pressure campaign on Congress to pass Rep. Clyde’s H.R. 6734* which would effectively repeal the ATF’s pending rule.

But we also know that we cannot win this fight all on our own…

…Grassroots donors like YOU are the lifeblood of Gun Owners of America and our only hope of defending the Second Amendment from all of its many enemies in the Swamp.

So please, make a contribution to our Legal Defense Fund to ensure we have every resource we need to go toe-to-toe with the Biden ATF’s lawyers and deliver a victory for YOUR God-given rights in court.

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