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So, what did everyone get for Christmas?


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Nothing!!  Haven’t exchanged gifts with my wife in close to 20 years. Kids are still in bed. They told us last night they didn’t want to get up until 10. I’m sure the wife and I will get a gift card or two from the kids but that will be about it. Lol. Daughter has to work this afternoon so will be a very quiet day around the house. Probably will spend a relaxing day watching football. Just like most Sundays the past few months. Just no hunting. Lol. 

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My wife and I don’t exchange gifts. Instead every year we buy something for the house. This year it was a couch and a puppy. Lol. We take the kids out shopping so they can each get us something and get each other something. This year I got some nice clothes from them. 

even at 41 years old my parents still spoil me with gifts. Unfortunately we won’t make it over there today as there is still a travel band in our county that more than likely won’t be lifted today so the Christmas celebration will have to continue another day. 

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Really, I  got Nada … I have my family this year. My Moms day by day and I’m just grateful to have what I have , I buy things whenever I want , provided funds are there obviously . Kids would only be regifting my money anyway 🤣🤣 . I hope everyone received what they wanted and needed . God Bless All 

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